Friday, 13 February 2009

Let the world goes round.

Reading my own blog, I was looking for a new job a year ago. Funny how I put it into words too. Complaining complaining mumbling mumbling. ha ha.. My wish did come true 10 months later. It was a big decision to resign for a BIG BIG company that you could climb a so called the corporate ladder to "high ranks". For me, the decision was definitely for better. It was so clear to me. Maybe only to me..and my husband...not my parents...not others... But mums just cannot stand looking at her own daughter'd sad face everyday.

Now I'm working in my own company. Sound wonderful, but let me rephrase it. Now I'm working in my own small start-up. We are just a start-up, but everything we do matter. One email to employees could inspire them and make them devote to the company as much as they do to their own families. The hours you put in will bear fruit.

Though, I still get a grin on my face when I get to go out to a department store or somewhere outside during office hours. (While everyone is working, you know what I mean?) he he he~ Since we were young, my sister and I, would have this extra large grin on our faces with a super cheerful heart on the inside, when somehow mum took us out on a school day, while everyone was at school. You know what I mean? ha ha

So, now I can pray more, meditate more, smile more, I guess. I don't have to be afraid of sleep driving on the way home. I don't get paid, but I don't have to spend as much as I did before. I get to sleep longer and that improves my health.

SO All for the best!
Let the world goes round!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Voyage

bokutachi wa shiawase ni naru tame kono tabiji o yukun da
We travel this road to find happiness.

hora egao ga totemo niau
See? You look good with a smile on your face.

iro aseru koto naku yomigaeru hakanaku utsukushiki hibi yo
These beautiful, fragile days are reborn, unfaded.

mabushii umi kogareta kisetsu mo
In the season of dazzling burned seas

yuki no maiorita kisetsu mo
and in the season of dancing snowflakes

itsu datte furimukeba anata ga ita
whenever I turned around, you were there.

bokutachi wa shiawase ni naru tame kono tabiji o yuku
We travel this road to find happiness.

dare mo minna ienu kizu o tsureta tabibito nan darou
Everyone is a traveler, carrying his own never-healing wounds.

hora egao ga totemo niau
See? You look good with a smile on your face.

nando michi ni mayotta no darou
How many times have I gotten lost?

sono tabi ni atatakai te o sashinobete kureta no mo anata deshita
Every time, the one who extended his warm helping hand was you.

*bokutachi wa kono nagai tabiji no hate ni nani o omou
*At the end of this long path, what will we think?

dare mo minna ai motome samayou tabibito nan darou
Everyone is a traveler, wandering about in search of love.

tomo ni ikou akiru hodo ni
Let's go together until we tire of it.


And...someone played it beautifully...

Saturday, 19 January 2008

At a crossroads?

I'm just tired.. I just feel unappreciated and I'm looking for a new job!!!

It's Friday night and I'm just wasting my time watching Ally Mcbeal on DVD until midnight. Tomorrow I have to go to Siam to do a test on "Customer opinion" on our products, aka "a survey". What am I? Who am I, doing all these works? Commuting from one office to the other almost on a daily basis and still was complained that I didn't file the "on duty" applications. And yet there are papers, proposals, minutes I have to do and the"What's the conclusion? What's the situation right now? What was it last time and what is the 'next action'?" So why didn't you join the meetings?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boss???

Someone seems appreciative. Some call me "Wonder girl" (who knows everything). Most are friendly. But some are just so sucking life out of my life, by never be satisfied, unappreciative, by looking but not seeing. I just feel I'm over used.

The tendons in my feet stiffen because I'm too tired. I go home late. I solve problems. I listen to complaints and try to come out of them with win-win solutions, the continuous improvement, right? It's what they say. I wonder if I go home late one night but do not get home, will anyone ever feel they are the cause of death? Ha ha funny... It will be just another "accident."

I'm beginning to feel sick of this 'most admired company' as they are saying so.

I just wish I don't have to eat so I can do something more useful and meaningful to the world than putting food on the table and roof over head.

Thursday, 29 November 2007